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Awards Timetable

Central European Time zone: 

09:00 Morning Registration and Briefing (hosted by Ian Golding)
10:00 Finalists Presentations Start
13:00 Lunch Break
13:45 Finalists Presentations Continue 
16:00 Finalists Presentation Finishes 
16:15 CXTrendTalks 
17:15 Panel Discussion 
17:45 Networking Splash
18:00 Break
18:45 Afternoon Registration
19:00 Awards Ceremony Starts (hosted by Ian Golding)
21:30 After Party 
22:30 Wrap up

Those who attend with their teams have the best awards experience. Celebrating your CX success with the people that made everything possible makes the whole event more special.

This is your chance to get recognition for your CX efforts and gain greater appreciation for the progress made in customer experience over the last year. We hope you can join us!