Another 4 Ways to Improve Customer Engagement

In our previous article, we talked about four ways to improve customer engagement for your business. But we've only scratched the surface! You can do so many more things to engage your customers further and keep them excited about your products or services.

So, let's dig in, shall we? Here are another four ways to improve your customer engagement.

Create a fan club

Why not go beyond the obvious, simple solutions, such as creating a Facebook page, Twitter hashtag or a subreddit thread? It can be so much more rewarding if you make your own fan club, for example. By becoming club members, your customers will feel an even stronger emotional connection with your brand and, in turn, stay loyal to your company in the long run.

For those who join, you can create membership cards with special discounts and incentives. You can also organise regular giveaways or have monthly and annual rewards for the most loyal members. Furthermore, you can offer additional perks and benefits for those who refer someone new to your fan club. All these things will further strengthen your community.

Gamify your content

People love having fun, and no one wants to have boring content to deal with. That is why many companies embrace gamification as a way to engage their customers more. And it gives tangible results. Here is what you can do.

Introduce leaderboards and create badges for substantial achievements. In the leaderboard, customers can see how they score against each other, and when someone reaches a milestone – they get a badge. They can then promote that badge on their social media, thus increasing your brand awareness and exposure.

Also, you can introduce progress bars. For example – showing customers how much of the website page they have read, how much is left until they fill out a form, etc. We have a behavioural trait to feel more compelled to finish a task if we can see how much we progressed. And it gives excellent results for customer engagement.

For more tips and examples of successful ways to approach gamification, check out this article from Quicksprout.

Organise company tours

This is one of the best ways for customers to know you up-close and become more engaged with your business. You can take your customers on a tour around the company, showing various departments, interviewing your employees, explaining your production process, etc.

The good thing is that you control how much you want to show (it doesn't have to be everything, only that which would interest your customers). Also, it doesn't have to be an on-site tour; thanks to the internet, it can be a tour conducted entirely online, from start to finish.

Customers can ask questions, chat with you and your employees, find out about the ins and outs of your daily activities and be invested in what you do! This can be a particular benefit for all customers and a unique feature available only to the members of your fan club.

Tie your business to a greater goal

Your authentic audience will follow you if you give them a reason to. This is why it's beneficial to tie your business to a goal beyond earning a profit or selling more products. Remember, your actual customers stay loyal because of your values and your company vision.

Suppose the customers see that you're part of charity activities and care about the environment by being "eco-friendly". In that case, they will feel a much stronger connection when your company contributes to the greater community. As a result, they will support your goals and be more engaged with your day-to-day activities by taking an active role.