What is Journey Mapping for Customer Experience?

How to understand your customers better? How to understand their buying decisions and their overall experience during the purchase process? One of the best ways to do this is journey mapping. But, what is journey mapping in the first place? This article will give you the basics of journey mapping and why it is essential for offering exquisite customer experience in the long term.

The customer journey map

As the name itself suggests, the purpose of journey mapping is to create a journey map (or a customer journey map). This is a graphic representation of the entire buyer journey, from start to finish, including all the expected touchpoints.

A good customer journey map helps you plan all the moments of interaction much better, thus leading to improved customer experience. It allows you to describe each stage of the buyer journey, along with the level of awareness and emotions connected to it.

Also, a good, well-developed journey map enables you to:

  • Anticipate your customers' needs
  • Craft much better offers to meet your customers' needs
  • Place all the expected touchpoints in the right order
  • Eliminate all the unnecessary parts of the buyer journey
  • Deliver your products/services more effectively

What is customer journey mapping?

This is the process of researching, planning, developing and creating a customer journey map. It transforms all you have found and compiled in your research with the visuals and text that further explain how your customers feel about what they expect from your business.

It starts with analysing the customer personas, and listing out all communication channels and touchpoints along the way.

Here's an example: a sales executive in their 40s will discover the product on social media and then go to the website and opt to buy the product. They will start by having zero knowledge about the product but will learn more about it along the way and feel happy and satisfied for having bought it.

This is highly simplified, of course, but it is the essence of what customer journey mapping should be and how it can help improve your day-to-day interactions with customers. The more in-depth you are in research and development, the better your customer journey mapping will be.

Why is it essential for customer experience?

Well-prepared and detailed customer journey mapping leaves very little room for unplanned or unwanted scenarios in the purchase process. You can optimise and tailor customer experience according to specific needs, track them and measure the level of customers' satisfaction.

Whether you're running a large company or a mid-size to small enterprise, customer journey mapping is equally crucial for all types of businesses. Customers are still customers, regardless of the size of a company; they have the same needs, and they all want to be respected and cherished.

When you create a customer journey map, you will be closer to your customers to understand their innermost needs much better. And when they interact with your product or service, they will know exactly how it can benefit them. As a result, you will have a higher chance of increasing your revenue and creating a community of happy customers for the long term.