Why good customer experience is an immeasurable asset today

Customer experience has been in focus for years, if not decades. However, many organisations do not fully understand the importance of CX for business success. Here is why every company should invest in customer experience to yield long-term results.

Customers control the process now

In the past, customers didn’t have all the information about a product/service, so they had to rely on “outside help”. Without a company to lead them through the process, customers were practically lost.

With the advent of the internet and the booming popularity of smartphones, customers now have so much information at their fingertips. Compared to just a few decades ago, they now know everything they need about a business – before even getting to the first touchpoint. Therefore, it’s not the question of having information; it’s all about the experience your audience can expect.

Before even deciding to interact with your organisation, customers will know almost everything about you – except one thing: how you make them feel along the buying journey. If you provide them with exceptional customer experience, you will give them a solid reason to become your repeat customers and stay loyal to your brand. And customers definitely won’t go away from a business that treats them respectfully and makes them feel good about themselves.

Happy customers stay loyal to the brand (and promote it)

A brand advocate won’t appear unless they are delighted with your company and the way it treats customers. And if you really want to maintain respect and trust, you need to rely on brand advocates to promote your business.

Simply put, brand advocates are happy customers that would be glad to talk about your organisation. They like you so much, and trust you completely, that they won’t skip an opportunity to mention you to new, potential customers. This is why it’s essential to provide exquisite customer experience so that your customers cannot help but mention how good they feel being part of your community.

Remember, it’s not only the product or the service – it’s the way you make people feel about every single interaction with your business. And if they feel good, they will spread the word about you and won’t go elsewhere to get the best experience.

Your business will get better exposure in the market

The days when customers were only interested in the product or service are long gone. You cannot count on that for success; it’s far more complicated because there are many factors at play.

First of all, the market has increased a dozen times. Therefore, the offer on the market is much, much bigger and it’s very hard to get noticed solely based on having a good product. Of course, you need to have a reasonable offer, but what’s also important is the story you create around that product and the customer experience you provide. The reason for this is simple: if there are two similar businesses, or five or ten – the ones with the best chance of thriving will be those with the best customer experience.

Although it seems hard to believe, it is the truth in today’s business. Companies that invest the most in their customer experience will get more exposure in the market and reinforce their brand. Because it’s much easier to create a solid product or good service than to provide good experiences for the customers. Having stellar CX will help solidify your company and give you a great foundation to develop further.