What's New This Year?

The International Customer Experience Awards is the jewel in the crown of our various CX awards, bringing together the best initiatives from the world's most customer-focused companies. We always give our best to improve each one of our events, and ICXA™ is no exception.

Last year, we had almost 120 companies enter the awards, with over 300 entries! It's a great honour to welcome so many leading organisations to this global celebration - and this year is set to be better than ever!

We've upgraded our bespoke software, Awards Manager, making it better and more intuitive for everyone using it. And since ICXA is a worldwide gathering of CX leaders, we've decided to have four networking meetings this year, each in a different time zone, so it won't be too early or too late for anyone to hear from our amazing speakers!

These are just a few ways we're upgrading the awards for 2022 - enter today and find out for yourself!

Interview with Vuk Vukanovic

Who better to ask about ICXA'22 than our Senior Awards Consultant and Regional Manager, Vuk Vukanovic? Vuk is an integral part of these awards, and we had the pleasure of talking to him about this year's programme and his expectations.

1. How would you reflect on the ICXA journey so far?

Within just a few years, the International Customer Experience Awards has become a well-known CX event that people love to participate in. It's truly amazing to help so many great companies on their way to recognition and so many seasoned professionals as judges. Last year's success shows that we're on the right track.

2. Last year was a success across the board, right?

Absolutely. Over 120 companies and 350 entries from all around the globe is a clear sign that people don't just choose ICXA because they want to win at any given CX awards. When it comes to global customer experience, they want to win by competing in this programme specifically. That says a lot.

3. What do you expect from this year's event?

There's no doubt in my mind that ICXA has become a recognisable name, not just in the event industry but also in CX as a whole. I expect more companies to understand the immense potential of participating in the awards and join us for another fantastic journey.

4. Being our regional manager for the US, how would you rate the interest of American companies in the programme?

We already had around 20 American companies at last year's ICXA achieving excellent results. To mention just a few of them: IBM, Cisco, Samsung, Medallia, GSK... Our first-ever US CXA® has also garnered a lot of interest, with close to fifty companies competing this year. I'm sure that many of them will join ICXA'22 as well. I'm excited for them.

5. Why would you recommend ICXA'22 to companies around the globe?

Because taking part in this premium programme will help them bring more attention to their services, strengthen their brand name - and provide recognition for their results. They can also network and learn from the key players in the CX space, which is incredibly valuable And when you get an award for your efforts, it's an achievement for your team, your company and your business.

Do you have outstanding results you want to get recognised for? Apply for the International Customer Exeperience Awards and show you belong with the best!