CRC[X] - The Customer Experience Initiative

Customer-Centric Culture is one of our most popular categories, attracting top companies worldwide. At last year's ICXA™, we had several leading companies that submitted outstanding success stories in this category and greatly impressed the judges. One of them is CRC Companies' customer experience initiative.

The Challenge

In 2010, several CRC employees attended Disney Institute training to prepare to manage a new property being developed for single sailors in San Diego. The foundation for excellent customer service set the tone for the years to come, resulting in the property achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction across the US Navy’s entire portfolio, as well as resounding financial success.

In 2018, they began to examine service and satisfaction levels at our other properties and realised that customer experiences are just as – and arguably even more! – important than the product, operations, price point, or other more traditional metrics. To become active leaders in the experience economy, they needed to win over the consumers of the future.

The Approach

So, later that year, with senior leadership support, CRC[X] was formed to meet the strategic needs of the company (to gain market share, increase price points, and reduce turnover).They set out to unite all team members, including those of their third-party property manager, under a single ethos and CX vision to consistently deliver unrivalled experiences across CRC’s 16,770-unit nationwide housing portfolio.

From 2018-2021, they followed a CX framework to “Measure” and quantify customer sentiment, “Engage” both customer-facing and non-customer facing team members to create a CX-focused culture, and “Elevate” their products and services to enhance specific touchpoints in the customer journey.

They conducted close to 90 hours of initial CX training for more than 600 employees and service providers, developed a 24-month curriculum of CX Topic Talks and a framework for advancing employee-generated CX ideas toward implementation. They also awarded 12 CX Grants to employees for worthy CX and EX initiatives.

Determined to adapt to new customer needs due to COVID-19, they rolled out a Sunshine Program for isolated seniors and created an innovative Co-Working Space for young apartment dwellers who needed private office space away from roommates. This program yielded tremendous results at every level, bringing CRC Companies gold at last year's International CXA®.

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