Sky Team's High-Value Customer-Centric Strategy

We're incredibly excited to be launching another edition of the International CXA® this year. In the last couple of years, we've seen so many examples of outstanding CX initiatives from a worldwide selection of companies. And one of these fantastic organisations is SkyTeam, one of the world's major airline alliances.

The Challenge

With the goal of winning even more loyalty from their customers worldwide, SkyTeam introduced SkyPriority, an exclusive service offering priority check-in, boarding and baggage handling, transfer desks, security and more. This concept needed to be simple and consistent for customers, with meticulous and consistent brand implementation.

Covering 970+ airports, SkyTeam faced the daunting task of creating and implementing the service across a diverse group of airlines, each with unique characteristics, cultures, languages, and geographies, to bridge the divide between the alliance, its members and the end customer, along all of the SkyPriority touchpoints.

The Approach

In order to improve upon their product, the team listened to and learned from their high-value customers. The tool that proved to be very effective in helping them with this was the SkyPriority App. The objective of the SkyPriority Audit Panel App was to provide a way to track the implementation and performance of SkyPriority through the feedback it collected.

The development of SkyPriority's range of features was conducted via a dedicated cross-functional working group (with all the airlines taking part): Marketing & Customer Experience, Brand, Communications, Airport Services, and IT. The SkyPriority Panel turned out to be a very effective tool for monitoring the implementation of the SkyPriority service.

Relevant information about implementation problems didn't always reach the people who could have an impact (for example, the station managers, ground staff, etc.). SkyTeam therefore needed to ensure they gave feedback to the customer who initially reported the issue. This would reassure customers that the team looked into their specific objections and took the necessary action to resolve the issue.

This is where the introduction of the 'SkyPriority Compliance Tracker' proved to be very useful. It allowed the team to operationalize the information they received from customers and send these reported issues to the people in the airline who can address and fix them. Besides this, it enabled the team to let the customers know when their issues had been looked into. For this initiative, SkyTeam won silver in the category: Customer-Centric Culture - over 10,000 employees.

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