Virgin Money's Customer-Focused Culture

In order to strengthen their bond with their customers, Virgin Money was determined to implement an effective CX culture throughout their business; this would bring their company purpose to life and ensure long-term results. Since their goal was to improve the state of UK banking via purpose-led experiences that 'delight customers and colleagues', it was essential to establish a customer-centric culture as a driving force behind this. The staff needed to be equipped for delivering these purpose-led experiences, to stay inspired and advance customer obsession.

To achieve their goal, their CX team set out to achieve the following 10 SMART objectives:

  1. Successfully train and rollout access to real-time customer feedback InMoment platform to 700 colleagues across 19 interactions
  2. Educate and inspire colleagues to deliver purpose-led experience evidenced via Smile Score (a multidimensional measure incorporating ease, effectiveness and emotion)
  3. Real-time recognition (via celebration emails) for front-line colleagues who deliver Smile Score experiences
  4. Deliver CX Essentials online training programmes to 400 colleagues by December 2021, equipping participants with a CX toolkit to help them drive local improvements
  5. Launch the CX Influencer Forum to enable support function colleagues to get closer to customers
  6. Utilise advanced storytelling techniques to share insights that create an emotional connection, generate curiosity and inspire action across multiple content channels
  7. Set CX performance targets across all business lines, to be achieved by the end of financial year
  8. Implement local insight-led action via 13 CX working groups accountable for improving CX across customer journeys
  9. Introduce the Customer Experience Impact Assessment (CXIA) to their change management framework and ensure that each new initiative starts with its impact on customers
  10. Determine the financial impact of Smile Score, to inform colleagues of the commercial advantage of making customers smile more

The division of roles helped get the project off the ground and improve the overall efficiency of the whole team. The Chief Brand Officer sponsored the framework, whereas the design and implementation were led by the Head of Customer Market Insight (CMI), the Senior CX Insight Manager and the wider CX Insight team. This multi-layered governance model was designed to ensure that all CX requirements could be identified, understood, and achieved.

For this initiative, Virgin Money won Bronze at last year's International CXA®. If you'd like to join our winners in the Hall of Fame, submit your CX initiative and compete for your place at the top. Learn more about ICXA™ '22 here.