Customer-centric culture

This is for organisations whose initiative has driven cultural change and achieved extraordinary CX as a result. Entrants will need to demonstrate a view of their organisational culture and how it has been made more customer-centric.

Best Customer Experience Strategy

If your organisation has put together a comprehensive CX strategy that has achieved outstanding results, this award is for you!

Customer Experience Training

This award is for CX training providers who have helped individuals and organisations to unlock their customer experience potential.

Best Customer Retention Plan

If your company has adopted innovative polices to enable better customer retention rates/ this award is for you!

Best Use of Customer Insight & Feedback

For initiatives using insight and feedback systems, techniques or tools to improve the customer experience and deliver great business results.

Best Measurement in Customer Experience

Having the right metrics is essential to CX success: if you targeted measurements have led to real customer experience improvements/ this award is for you!

Best Customer Complaints Programme

Dealing with customer complaints is an integral part of CX. This award is for the company that manages complaints in a swift, effective manner across multiple channels.

Best Use of Digital

If your organisation takes full advantage of the various digital tools available to enhance the customer experience, this award is for you!

Digital Transformation

For organisations that have oriented themselves in a much more digital direction, making this change successful and improving CX as a result.

Most Effective Customer Experience on Social Media

For organisations harnessing the potential of social media to build stronger, deeper connections with their customers and improving their CX as a result.

Best Use of Mobile

A majority of searches now take place on mobile: if your organisation is making the most of these developments and creating outstanding mobile CX, this award is for you.

Business change and transformation

If your organisation has seen successful large-scale organisational change involving people, products or services, technology or relocation, this award is for you!

Employee Empowerment

Your staff are the ones who will make CX success a reality; this award recognises organisations that empower their employees and give them the flexibility to really deliver for customers.

Contact Centre

For contact centres that help organisations manage their customer experience through phone/ email/ newsletters/ face to face interactions/ social platforms and online chat.

CX Leader of the Year

For an individual who can demonstrate outstanding leadership qualities/ and who has helped their organisation to reach new heights of CX success.

CX Team of the Year

Teamwork makes the dream work! This award is for teams who have demonstrated outstanding commitment/ application/ passion and focus/ making an exceptional contribution to their organisation’s customer experience.

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