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Help & Support

Awards International is here to guide you on your journey to recognition! We are with you throughout the whole experience.

If you need help and support, there are plenty of resources available for you online or through our dedicated Awards Consultants.

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How-to guide for your awards journey. With the help of this document, you will learn:

  • How to choose a category(-ies)
  • How to write a successful entry
  • What the categories are
  • What the judges are looking for

For further help, you can also call Vuk Vukanovic at +44(0)2086 385584 or email him at vuk@awardsinternational.com


Scoring of Entries

A clarification of the criteria against which your written entry and presentation will be scored.


Sample Model Entry

An example of a real Gold Award Winner’s written entry from CXA® 2020 – which accounts for 50% of the final score.


Sample Feedback Report

Each finalist receives constructive feedback from our judges. This document is a real example from CXA® 2020. It includes scores achieved by other finalists in the same category, and judges’ comments on the written entry and the presentation.


How to Write an Outstanding Entry, with Louise Turner

During this webinar Louise Turner will help you write an outstanding award entry, teaching you:

  • How to identify your award-winning USP
  • How to choose a winning category
  • How to write an outstanding story
  • How to present your evidence
  • How to impress the judges

Register now for this hugely insightful webinar and learn the secrets to winning awards.

DATE: July 6th 1:00 pm CEST